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Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
I've heard two people argue that cigarettes and their second hand smoke don't kill people, even just speculating, in my entire life. Both times were in this thread. I know that in germany smoking is a huge thing, I've been there and the bars are just fog banks of smoke.
Not anymore. German parliament has passed a law that forbids smoking in bars which have no separate smoking room. It's probably one of the best laws they ever passed. Now you can go to Germany again without being afraid of getting lung cancer when visiting a bar, restaurant, club or any public room.

But there have been hundreds of studies of second hand smoke alone, the correlation between breathing secondary smoke and the massive increased risk of cancer or cardiovascular disease are undeniable. The cigarette companies are huge, they have billions of dollars, the best lawyers who've ever lived and they still have to put this on their packs:

What blows my mind is that they still convince people to buy and smoke their product. I mean they even tell you, to your face "hey our product kills people, and probably you if you smoke for the duration of your life". I'm not saying you can't smoke or that you shouldnt, but there is no speculation or room to argue about whether cigarettes kill people or not.

Look, everyone gets sick and dies, maybe at the hospital if you come in smelling of smoke and check the box that says [smoker] and they happen to see that people who do just that end up 3:1 for things like heart disease and lung cancer and premature death that might be an indicator of smoking being dangerous.
That shows how addictive cigarettes actually are. It's not even that much the physical addiction, but much more the subconscious psychological addiction, because smoking sneaks in you everyday habits. I know so many people, smart people, who have tried to stop for so long, but they couldn't, because it would mean to drastically change their life, which, apart from smoking, is fine. It's not like heroin junkies whose lives are totally messed up.

And the problem is that it's a long term addiction. Most smokers start when they are pretty young. They start in their adolescence "to be cool". At that age it's even easier to get addicted. And most people who want to stop are at least in their mid-twenties or over thirty, that makes more than ten years of addictive every day habits. No wonder it's that hard to stop.

That guy has an idea to treat the problem and I think it could really work:

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