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Originally Posted by Ape City View Post
Hmm that is possible. Still, littering is littering and I feel like telling something they can't legally do something that does not disturb the peace in public infringes on rights.

Punishing smokers who go out of there way to keep their smoke away from other people and do look for butt stops to throw out their ciggs are now unable to enjoy the park because some people have no respect. It feels like I am in grade school and the whole class is getting punished for something lil Tommy did.
Yes it's like punishing the reasonable people, but it's not only because of lil Tommy, but lil Tommy and the 20 other guys. It's bad for the 5 others who are reasonable, but with that many troublemakers, it's hard to tell who are the reasonable guys and just take them to the excursion and the troublemakers not.

And technically there is littering, but it's easier to predict that a smoker who is actually smoking to litter after he is done smoking than to catch the unknown smoker who threw that little cigarette stub in the grass an hour ago.

It's bad for the reasonable smokers, but apparently there were just too many unreasonable ones who could not behave.
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