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1: When i wake up, i feel so tired, how do you guys get in the mood to do it? Energy Drinks? Protein?
2: I have my meal, and wait an hour before i do my exercise - Is this ok?
3: Should i just do Cardio in the morning, not strength?

Hey Man,

I can totally relate when it comes to feeling tired in the morning, and not having the motivation to hit the gym. Try a pre-workout supplement, or a coffee, anything with caffeine in it to give you a boost. Depending on your fitness goals, aim for a lower cal, or something that won't stop your heart.

I prefer not to eat before workouts, I usually wait 4 hours to work out post eating. Some people don't like working out on an empty stomach...whatever floats your boat. I workout in the early mornings, so I usually have a big dinner to get me through.

One again, depending on your schedule, in a perfect world, I like to cardio in the mornings then strength in the afternoon. However, I can't do that on routine basis, so I hit strength then light cardio afterwards. Workout usually lasts 90 minutes...

Best of luck
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