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Originally Posted by MagiK11 View Post
I'm at work now but if you really want i'll post a few pics, and you can then gtfo I'll post them when i get home.

Also I totally agree with Xeberus's post. When you think of a ring girl for a billion dollar company you want girls that are out of this world, not girls I'd expect to see at a rundown "gentelmans bar". A few of those girls were attractive but not at the level of a ring girl guys would drool over. It's like opening a playboy magazine and seeing a girl you'd expect to see at your local wavepool who is attactive but not someone you would consider ditching your 10 year spouse over.

But as I said, I'll post a few pics of one of my exes, to show you, there is nothing wrong with setting high standards for yourself
Hahaha, stepping up to the plate. Respect. I back everything in Xeberus's post barring the part about none of them being out of his league , that is, unless he steps up like your good self.

Fair play for the high standards, I dunno though, no knock on you, but I always found something prissy about over-picky guys, like someone who'll only drink the finest wine or something. Each to their own though.
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