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Originally Posted by LizaG View Post
Lombard should have better respect for his opponent than try to tarnish what Boetsch has accomplished, if you're injured then fine, what fighter DOESN'T fight injured. But it pisses on Tim's parade to just suggest fighting him injured is the ONLY way he could've won the fight.

Injury excuses are a bitches way out.

I know people who have fractured their sternum and said how they had trouble breathing, let alone go 15minutes with a fighter like Tim Boetsch!
Yeah it seems to me like people exaggerated their injuries like crazy. I still remember Rashad saying he went in to the Phil Davis fight with 2 or 3 broken ribs. I know people who fractured their rib and could hardly move and had problems sleeping. I just dont see how its humanly possible to fight with 2-3 broken ribs.

And whats with the pre fight physical fighters have to take. All these injuries couldnt possibly slip by. Fighters have to be making some of these up or over exaggerating. I know alot of people who injure their hand and go around claiming they broke it or broke their knuckes or they injure their foot and claim its broken. I wonder if fighters do the same thing. I dont see why not... it seems to be a human thing to try and look tough.

(Dont mind me. Im just thinking out loud-text)

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