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Originally Posted by marcthegame View Post
The thing is these guys a professional fighters, there normally tough. Remember when Mike Tyson fought that dude knocked him out with a broken back lol.
I understand that but some injuries toughness isnt enough. Its one thing breaking a rib in the fight and pulling through cause of adrenaline and the fact that it takes a while after you get injured for the pain to fully come out due to a survival mechanism our body has in case you are in danger. But to walk into the octagon with a broken rib is on a whole different level.

I remember Ken Shamrock saying "If you broke a rib you would be on the floor gasping for air"

There is also a bunch of tough ****ers in my gym and iv seen tough sobs get put down with injuries half as serious as the injuries fighters throw out there after fights.

And other then Mike Tyson claiming he broke his back during the post fight interview im not sure there is any proof he did. Its extremely hard to believe and Mike Tyson wasnt very sane at the time. AND according to Mike Tyson it was the doctor who told him his back was broken. No way would he be cleared to fight if his back was broken... Logic tells me its Mike Tyson crazy talk. That doesn't mean it cant be true. Just that Logic leads me to believe that it isnt true.

When Stone Cold Steve Austin broke his neck in a wrestling match he could barely get the strength to crawl over and pin the guy. And Stone Cold is a tough sob too.

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