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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
Your absolutely right, BJ would be but that is cause everyone always wants to discredit Penn for some reason. But that fight is also a perfect example of the problem with this fight. Just as GSP was clearly to big and to strong (possible to slippery but that is another arguement) for Penn the same will largely hold true if GSP moves up. His frame can not support the amount of mass necessary to even the scales without it becoming detrimental. Just like BJ walking in against GSP at 167 because putting on more muscle would only hurt him. The fact BJ has balls so large they gotta names after planets does not make GSP a *****. My god if BJ Penn has become the standard for who is a coward than the UFC is filled with nothing but a bunch of cowards and pantywaists.
Very valid point... since when has staying in your weight class become such a cowardly act?

A large percentage of weight class moves in the UFC are to a lighter division because a fighter is no longer effective at that weight; and is trying to move down to gain an advantage.... i.e. Kenny Florian.
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