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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
Thats the point. It wasn't a problem. BJ did it and in the first fight he kicked GSP's ass as the smaller man.

Point is fighting size matters, but it matters 10x more if the bigger guy is the wrestler. GSP was bigger than BJ and was the wrestler who wrestled him. Anderson would be the bigger guy but he isn't looking to lay and use his size other than reach vs. GSP. So the difference is huge. GSP is the wrestler. Anderson is not.

GSP has sat at 170lbs his whole career. Anderson has not.

GSP beats everyone by being better but really out-wrestling everyone. Lets see what his plan is and if he can wrestle when he isn't the bigger guy.

But GSP apologists don't want to here logic. They want GSP to sit at 170lbs from start to finish cutting 25lbs and always being the stronger fighter.

Condit vs. Anderson. What is really the size difference there? Why is Condit at 6'2 76 inch reach so much different than Anderson at 6'2 77.5 inch reach? I don't get it. If Anderson cut to 177lbs for a catch weight he would weight around 195 during the fights. Condit come November will weigh 185-190 during the fight.

So tell me mathematically how there is SOOOO much size difference? Fact is Anderson doesn't try to build muscle like GSP. He can change his body weight in a variety of ways. He can become lean, skinny Anderson at 170. He can become normal Anderson at 185. Or he can become chunky, Fedor looking at LHW and still be fast.

There is very minimal difference in Condit and Anderson's size. Anderson is bigger through the arms and Condit is a little bigger through the legs.

We are talking a difference of 5 or 10 lbs. Fighters in the same weight class give that up everytime they fight. Machida, BJ at 170, Frankie, Hendo, Maia did. But GSP fans don't want Georges to ever be the smaller fighter....
BJ also lost the second fight and people use that loss to shit on his legacy.

You say Anderson would weight 195 to fight at a catch weight but that is the point. If the fight happened at 185 Anderson would walk into the cage at about 205-210 pounds which is 20-25 pound weight advantage. Anderson didn't appear anymore drained against Forrest and Forrest walks into the cage about 230 so AS is a big guy. GSP is often the smaller guy I would argue Fitch,Shields and Alves were bigger. Only Penn and Serra would have given up notable size advantages with Hughes,Kos and Hardy being a wash.

Considering how so many people disrespect BJ's record it is totally understandable that fighters don't want to move up in weight.

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