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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
BJ also lost the second fight and people use that loss to shit on his legacy.

You say Anderson would weight 195 to fight at a catch weight but that is the point. If the fight happened at 185 Anderson would walk into the cage at about 205-210 pounds which is 20-25 pound weight advantage. Anderson didn't appear anymore drained against Forrest and Forrest walks into the cage about 230 so AS is a big guy. GSP is often the smaller guy I would argue Fitch,Shields and Alves were bigger. Only Penn and Serra would have given up notable size advantages with Hughes,Kos and Hardy being a wash.

Considering how so many people disrespect BJ's record it is totally understandable that fighters don't want to move up in weight.
I like Penn. He was a beast in his day.

My point is Anderson has went from 170 to 185 and has fought at 205. GSP has done none of that.

Anderson has talked about going to 170. GSP's trainer talks about a catch weight. So looks like no one is thinking 185. So with a catchweight of say 177lbs, Anderson would weigh maybe 5-8lbs more than Condit will when he fights GSP. If you make ANY matchup with fighters from 2 different weights you will have SOME sacrifice in sizes.

But the fact of the matter is, Condit is just as tall and has almost as much reach as Anderson. Yet he is no big deal as for his size. Makes little sense to me.

Anderson will use his height and footwork to beat GSP. GSP has the advantage of being shorter because he is a wrestler...meaning better leverage. If GSP was really "the best wrestler" in MMA then he would be able to take down a guy with average TDD that is only 1 weight higher shouldn't he? I mean Chael could take Shogun down. Bones could take Werdum down. Why can't GSP take Anderson down? He is supposedly the best wrestler in MMA so lets see it.


GSP is bigger through the legs than Alves. Alves has more upper body. GSP has reach by a decent amount He has the height advantage as well. I wouldn't say Alves is bigger.

And sure perhaps a guy like Fitch is bigger. But GSP is much stronger. I mean Anthony Perosh is bigger than say Shogun, but I wouldn't say he has any sort of "size" advantage. He is weaker and less explosive. Like Fitch he has little striking. Height and a few lbs means nothing if you aren't strong as well.

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