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I've always been sorta surprised by how many people thought Frankie won that first fight, so I just watched it again. It was much closer than I remember, but what sticks out to me, is that Edgar did not hurt Benson at all. Period. Yeah, yeah...there was that weird "knockdown" in rd 5. That didn't hurt Benson. Not a mark on him. At the end of the fight, he looked like he hadn't even fought yet. Conversely, Frankie was getting busted up, eating really hard kicks to the body, etc. I won't argue the fact that Frankie is a better boxer and landed more strikes. But I'll argue all day that Henderson was a far more effective striker and the damage he caused was superior to the number of strikes Frankie landed. On MY scorecard anyway...

I think there's a lot to the argument that Edgar always comes back superior in the rematch, but I just don't see it here. Henderson is too big, too athletic, and too powerful to be in any danger from Frankie. I know we said some of that about Gray as well, but Gray can't move like Henderson. I'll take Bendo by decision every time against Edgar.
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