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Completely agree, I've always been a fan of same day 1 hour before fight weigh ins.

To cut out the ensuing chaos, also move up weight divs by 10% or so, so LW would be 170, WW would be 187 and so on. Because lets face it, that's what 99.99% of the fighters in those weight divisions actually weigh on fight night anyway and no one would have to dehydrate themselves pointlessly or move weight divisions once the same day weigh ins come in.

For the .01% fighters in these divs that are actually cutting more than 10% weight, GOOD, force them to actually fight in the class they belong in instead of taking diuretics and beating up little kids. And for guys like Edgar that fight above their weight class, also good for their own safety and careers.

That is exactly what weight classes were for, this "you can steam it, it's legal" is a mockery of the spirit of weight classes and horrible for fighter health.
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