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Originally Posted by Rastaman View Post
I fully agree with same day weigh ins, but let's look at the consequences for a sec: If same-day weigh ins were implemented, many, many fighters could not make their respective weight classes that they fight in currently because these same fighters rely on heavy weight cuts. These fighters would now be forced up a weight class or maybe even two. Here's my point: What we would see if this plan were implemented is a giant shift in the UFC towards the heavier divisions and a giant shift away from the lighter divisions, the very same divisions that are already weakly supported and not very deep. I mean, how many current FLW fighters right now can make 125lbs the morning of the fight? I venture to say that it is not that many, and we all know that the FLW/BW/FW divisions are all not all that deep as of yet due to being relatively newly created.

Just something to think about. That being said, I think they should move the weigh-ins to the same day anyways.
That's the point. Most fighters would have to move up a weight division, so mostly no advantage is gained. We still see the same guys fighting each other except at a higher weight = without half killing themselves cutting weight = better stamina = better fights.

There are not many fighters that would stay in their respective divisions. Edgar and Machida are the only ones that spring to mind.
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