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Originally Posted by MagiK11 View Post
Do you know what's crazy, I never sat back and thought of that. Great point. Only thing is I think if they did this they would need to make one more weight division in the form of a super hw of sorts. All the 205'er going up would end up running into monsters like JDS, overeem, brock etc. But Deep down I still think if the 205'ers didn't cut weight they would still do good, but against the top of the HW division, they would fail.

Tried repping you for that post but i need to spread it around.
Well, why not just add 10-15 pounds onto each division except for HW. So LHW becomes up to 220 with HW remaining at 265. On the opposite end, 125 becomes 135 and so on.

Originally Posted by MikeHawk View Post
You have it backwards. We would see less stamina out of almost every fighter because they would still try to cut weight but it would be right before the fight. It would also be way more dangerous for them.

You can't just suddenly expect everyone to fight at a different weight they've been fighting at their entire life anyway. It would ruin people's careers. LHW and HW would also be screwed. Probably FW and BW as well.
No dude. Think it through. Lets look at the upcoming fight between Edgar and Bendo. Imagine if Benson had to weigh 155 1 hour before the fight. He would be in awful condition for the actual fight and would almost certainly lose against somebody like Edgar. Any fighter would be stupid to attempt a cut with only one hour to put it back on. In other words, the fighters wont try. I can only imagine how shit a fight would look if both fighters are dehydrated. Why not both simply fight at your correct weight? So Edgar vs Bendo would never actually happen... which is the whole point. You really think any fighter would have an issue with not having to cut weight to compete? In time, they would all be mighty relived.

I think people are not considering that if 95% of all fighters move up a division, it doesnt actually make much difference. You are still fighting dudes your own size. Except neither of you are having to cut weight. Its absurd that this shit still goes on. It makes no sense.
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