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Originally Posted by ratamahatta333 View Post
I've just got into Muay Thai/MMA, have been training for 2 months and I want to train for a real fight in about 6 months time. I'm working in Thailand with an excellent Muay Thai trainer who trained/fought with the world champion for years but he has very little free time so we can only train twice a week if that. There are no good boxing gyms here and I will only have 2-3 oppurtunities to travel somewhere to a good training camp. Does anyone have any good ideas to improve my Muay Thai (I can deal with my fitness) without a trainer/sparring partner. Any help is hugely appreciated, I really want to fight and fight well.
Dude are you serious. Don't be so eager beaver...unless you're a prodigy and your head trainer agrees that you're ready...but unlikely. How can you possibily fight even at an amateur level with zero experience. Anyways you can spar with peeps there and if you're holding your own (not because they're easy on you) then sure maybe give it a try. You seem like a koo person, but ANYTHING in life requires dedication.
It took me six months alone to get the kicking down from a Tae Kwon Do style snap kick to the dead leg Muay Thai style.
Then another six months with combinations, techniques, conditioning, etc. Can I fight sure...but I know I'd get my ass kicked after watching the real fighters in the gym that is unless it's a street fight then anything goes.

If you do decide to fight still this early on in your career please send some videos.

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