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I had it like this...

1 - Bendo
2 - Edgar
3 - Draw...always goes to champ for the most part
4 - Edgar
5 - Close as well...had it going to Bendo.

As a champ, you get the benefit of close rounds because if the challenger keeps it close enough to where you are questioning who won the round, it will go to the champ more times than not.

Neither fighter did enough to steal rounds besides rounds 1 and 2. I could have seen Edgar winning it and I wound have been fine with that, and I also could have seen Bendo winning it and I am happier with that result.

I don't like watching Edgar in particular because I just find him boring. I hope he drops down, as it is his natural weight class, and he will have a easier time finishing fights facing smaller opponents.

Originally Posted by Rauno View Post
There were 2 combatants. Most of the fight was on the feet so it's not like Frankie was laying on him. Frankie threw more punches, more kicks and dropped Henderson. He got closer to finishing Benson than the other way around. How come his a boring points fighter based on this peformance?

Not debating whether he won or lose.
Henderson landed more significant strikes, which is all that matters. Who cares if a fighter pats you on the face, because thats the only way Frankie out struck Bendo. Also, that drop down in the 4th round I believe, Henderson was off balance so it wasn't really a knock down.
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