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Originally Posted by TraMaI View Post
Don't put spoilers in the title man.

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My bad, I'll make sure to do so in the future.

Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
Frankie wins on points because he is flat out the better fighter, which he showed against Bendo again.
This doesn't make any sense. If you're the flat out better fighter, then go out there and finish your opponent. Go out there and make a statement. Either go out there and finish the guy, or completely and utterly dominate him from round to round.

Frankie did neither. He also should have lost the first BJ Penn fight via getting out boxed.

Cya Frankie, you won't be missed.

Edit @ Tram, the Maynard fights were only exciting because Gray was beating Frankie up all over the octagon in the first rounds of both fights. Take those rounds out and you have two pretty average fights.

I appreciate Frankies heart and determination, but I find his style tediously boring to watch. Dart around for a while, leap in, 1-2 combo, dart back out. Rinse and repeat for 5 rounds.

No thanks. Time to bring on the real exciting talent in the LW picture. Finishers against finishers.

Nate vs Bendo is going to be fireworks.

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