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Originally Posted by K R Y View Post
I actually find Frankie extremely fun to watch, even though he beat my favourite fighter of all time twice (once... ), I really like his style. He mixes everything up, is fast, and lands often. His technique is beautiful to watch, some people just can't see it I guess.

So what if he doesn't finish every fight. Yes KO's and subs are extremely exciting, but that doesn't mean 5 round fights filled with technique and skill aren't.

Seems every fighters that goes to a decision a lot gets criticised for it and I really don't see why, especially when you take the level of competition into account.

Maynard has only ever been finished by Frankie (and Diaz on TUF I guess you could argue)

BJ has never been stopped at Lightweight. Hell, if Machida and Nick Diaz can't finish him...

Ben Henderson has also never been finished at lightweight (his one sub loss years ago was at a catchweight)

When facing such elite competition, finishes will be few and far between. Notice how none of the above finished Frankie either?
I can appreciate his technique and skill as a fighter, what I don't understand is why he limits it so much?

Why does he just settle for just the 1-2 combination and then immediately create a huge amount of distance by darting out of the way?

Why does Frankie never follow up with his combos and land more shots in the pocket? In my opinion, it's simply because he's happy to score points and go to decision.

His moments of technique and and skill with his hands are too far and few between. Follow up a little Frankie. Land your 1-2 combo and then land more, land a 5-6-7-8 punch combo. Put the pressure on, go for the finish or look to really beat your opponent up instead just scoring points here and there.

I appreciate your opinion and understand why you find him exciting, but I hope that you, and others can appreciate other folks opinion from the opposite end of the spectrum. I've already had one anon neg rep saying "retard" and expect plenty more to follow.
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