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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
It wasn't really the gameplay I hated, I
Mostly hated that they made you do dumb small missions over and over again to earn enough cred or whatever to do real missions. Then when you ran out of cred, you had to do the same little missions again.

Not sure if that is in the third one again.

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Nope, not in the third game. There are some repeatable side missions for cred and stuff but we did I think 2 of them just out of curiosity then stuck with the main missions until the end. They are just there to level up and buy new upgrades if you want to get more at a faster pace, but are not needed in any way shape or form and just doing the main missions we unlocked the vast majority of everything without having to farm any extra respect/cred or whatever it was called.

Originally Posted by Hammerlock2.0 View Post
You're making a good argument for the game. I might have to give it another try because when I tried it on my old PC everything about it was screaming mediocre.
The game takes about an hour to get into it, it's heavily story driven (it's an RPG, keep that in mind), so it takes about that long to set the game up, characters up, gameplay tutorial (first basic mission) and then once it releases you into the city the game finally "starts", and it's a semi-open world game with side quests and all that.
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