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Originally Posted by SM33 View Post
I don't think Anderson Silva is afraid to fight anyone. Certain people on this forum were screaming about how he'd never accept a second Sonnen fight, and even after he accepted that he'd pull out. Because he nearly lost to him?

Then he comes in and finishes it within two. Silva is not worried about Chris Weidman.
I don't think Anderson is "scared" either. But his fans are throwing out every excuse they can as to why Weidman doesn't deserve it.

But this makes no sense to me, this is politics and nothing more, if GSP loses, he's waited out for nothing. Literally, he's just wasted months off his career that, really doesn't have that much time left.

I just don't see what it hurts having him and Weidman fight in December, I hate what politics has done to Boxing and I don't want MMA to go the same way and this is a clear of instance of politics. I've got no problem with Anderson wanting a super fight but the guy he wants to fight isn't fighting next weekend or next month for that matter.

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