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Originally Posted by joey.jupiter View Post
when do people just accept that Anderson Silva is an amazing killing machine? it seems every number one contender is the one to debunk him and that he's scared of that man. i can understand thinking Weidman will give a competitive fight against Silva, but what an insane statement it would be to imply Silva was scared of him.

what an insane statement it was that he was afraid of Sonnen as well but then he beat Sonnen and I thought these ridiculous comments would cease to exist but they wont.
Good stuff.

Originally Posted by log View Post
Wow, people really seem to have short memories on here. Silva is 'scared'? They should force Anderson to fight? Are you serious?

Silva has earned the right to take some time off from the sport and make some dough (which I presume he will do) outside of it. He is a mega star (especially in Brazil) and can do a bunch of things now and make stacks without someone trying to punch his face in.

I am sure he made a killing for the Chael rematch. He won't make anything close to that with a Weidman. 'Just put another title on the same card' someone said...ridiculous. Why would Anderson need to share ppv earnings?

There are plenty of titles now, they can be defended while Silva gets someone who puts some convincing wins together to build a bankable PPV. If Weidman is that good, he will kill a few more people, and then fight for the title and be a more marketable star.
Pretty much sums it up. Havn't seen too many posts. You should post more.

Originally Posted by bando661 View Post
You Anderson haters amaze me! The man has fought everyone, everyone!!! He has never ducked a fight or backed out due to injury. Look at what he's done to everyone, ( minus the 5 rounds chael beat him) every contender every person that people on this forum beg and bet the farm that would destroy him, he has beaten. Chris fought a fat out of shape munoz, people say well his(Chris) only close fight was when he cut all the weight, well when munoz fought him he cut a ton of weight 2 days out. Anderson will fight whoever the ufc puts in front of him, he has done it for years and years. Let's enjoy the last few he has left.
Weidman will fight again while Anderson Silva will be waiting patiently to fight GSP after the November bout.

This guy has been fighting for 15+ years now. You don't think the Chael rematch was taxing on the body and mind. I'd love to see him fight every week, but it's not gonna happen. The way I see it I get to savor the moment when his entrance song blares on the speaker. *NOTE* He's fought on average two to three times a year and four times the year he joined the UFC for the past six years.

Fighters like Weidman will continue to come and new challenges will arise. It's neverending really, but at this stage of his career marquee matchups is where it's at if he can get em. Hand picked fights has no validity or the ducking statements. He'll fight Weidman when the time comes. That's it.

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