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Is two belts per weight class the answer?

I know I know, you all hate boxing and everything about it.

But if there were two belts per weight class in the UFC, and two distinct champions, would that basically fix all the problems?

Not a champ and an interim champ. Two separate champs.

That way when one champion is injured or doesn't want to fight for 6+ months at a time, there'd be a different champion to do it instead.

And there'd be no, 'oh so and so has no chance to dethrone the champ' because there'd be two champs. And in order to stay relevant champions would pretty much HAVE to fight, or just get forgotten.

Also with two belts, it would be a lot easier to strip champions imo since there'd be two of them anyway.

I'm sure this suggestion will get a lot of counter arguments, so I'll wait for the specific counter argument to crop up, before I explain why this would be better.
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