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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
Didn't you just say it would stir up more talk if there were two belts? You need to make up your mind, it would just be confusing for casual fans too.

Also my other point you didn't address. What do you do when the champs fight every couple of years? Just make another belt, Anderson would have like 8 at this point.
How have I not made up my mind. I think this would work. I'm yet to see a compelling argument for why it wouldn't other than the fact that it's new, and people don't like change.

Who are these casual fans? and if they're so casual, who cares if they're confused?

I've never met a casual fan. There's mma fans, who are rabid, and people who don't give a shit, but will watch it if it's on tv. I'll watch Pawn Stars if it's on and I don't have anything else to do, doesn't make me a fan, casual or not.
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