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Originally Posted by RearNaked View Post
They had non title fights in PRIDE all the time, it worked fine. And it would only be useless to you. I'm sure champions with PPV cuts would be fine with that extra money generated from Champ vs Champ.

I didn't suggest this idea because I thought it would make Life B Eazy from Detroit happy. I suggested it because I think it would make for more excitement in the UFC divisions, which right now, are pretty stagnant.

You've made your point, YOU don't like this idea no matter what. So go do something else. Let other people post.

And about the so called casual fans, exactly. **** em. I don't care about them. Deal with it.
You have a very good business model for making money. Also pride had non title fights when it was either at a different weight class or part of a tournament. The difference. No one defends a tournament championship. Shogun won the mw gp, but he wasn't going to defend in his next fight because he won a tournament, not a championship belt in a weight class.

You need to make up your mind, I'm trying to discuss your idea in a point, counter point conversation on an internet forum, which is talk, which you are so fond of creating. Yet because I disagree I need to do something else. My posting is not preventing anyone from stating their own opinion.

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