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Originally Posted by MRBRESK View Post
You are right, you don't want to be one dimensional in there, but at the same time you don't want to throw a telegraphed low kick at a guy with conditioned shins who will check it. Try to develop a quick teep because if it's blocked it won't hurt, and it's harder to counter.

The most important thing is defense, practice disengaging from the clinch (easy one is to just push your opponent's face away from you), practice checking kicks and try to stay out of elbow range.

Until you are better at using your knees and shins you should focus on a boxing based offense with teeps to keep the distance and excellent Thai defense.

Seriously though if you counter the low kick with a hard right cross you will have a lot easier time.
I meant to only quote the last part so whoops lol

That's realllllly good advice. Taking low kicks is never a great idea but checking them improperly is worse than absorbing and countering. Bite down on that mouthguard, put weight on that lead leg and let that heavy overhand fly against a fancy kicker and you'll catch him eventually.

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