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Originally Posted by MRBRESK View Post
It really frustrates me watching Jake try to strike. I weigh 155 and I think i'd beat him in a Kickboxing match (no thai, he'd be too strong in the clinch). That comment obviously means nothing as i'm on an internet forum and sounds like i'm just bragging but anybody that has trained a striking art for a decent amount of time should watch Jake and think.. "WTF?"

The guy has been doing MMA for like 12 years or something now and he still doesn't have any idea how to strike. I don't even know how that's possible, surely he's been training striking as long as he's been in MMA.

If John Doe went to a Muay Thai class once per week for 12 years he would have better striking than Jake.

Sorry for the weird rant, I just don't get it.
Imagine how bad he would be diving for legs against Anderson? Silva could pull out a cellphone and start texting and use the other hand to KO Shields.

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