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JDS vs Cain: Cain this time will try to go with wrestling with JDS, PROBLEM is JDS is very powerful on the ground too. Cain will fail again to JDS. JDS is going to stay there for a very long time. Honestly I can't see any opponent wining JDS neither striking nor wrestling.

Bones vs Hendo: Hendo has 0.00000001% of wining Bones. This guy is almost flawless. The only guy came close to him was Loyoto because of his illusive style. Hendo has nothing similar to that. He's going down for 100% sure.

Silva: will retire without loosing the belt. I think he will wait for Weidman, but the new kid has to go through another fight, and Silva will be waiting for him. He will shut his mouth for sure. Funny is Weidman says that he has ground game and Jiu Jitsu. Problem is how dumb he is to think like that. Hendo is a wrestler and got chocked out by Silva, and Sonnen is a wrestler too, and also got submitted by Silva. People just want to fight the guy, so they add to their resume that they fought that LEGEND!!

GSP vs Condit: I really really wish Condit does it this time. Its disgusting to wait all that time for GSP! Condit is a very good and clever fighter, he will continue to give us WAR!

Bendo vs Diaz: This bendo guy will bend to Diaz, he will get submitted 100% sure of that. The lamer won by decision against in my opinion "Frankie" is the greatest lw fighter today. I wish you get back to the TOP Frankie, you really deserve it.

Aldo and Cruz are very tough guys, and I don't see them loosing their next bout. I know they have nothing scheduled yet, but regardless of their opponent, they will not loose now.

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