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Originally Posted by MagiK11 View Post
Sorry for being so blunt, but this post and the ones similar to it on this thread irritate me. If you want to see stickily striking, go watch boxing, K1, or some other forum of kickboxing.

You are watching MIXED MARTIAL ARTS. So if you don't like grappling, don't watch it dude. I have nothing against you and I'm not trying to upset you either, but when you watch MMA some fights will have clinching and grappling, and if the guy's opponent can't get up and get out of a bad situation, tough luck.

Maybe ED shouldn't have initiated the clinching almost every round, and maybe he should have sprawled and brawled with Shields, instead of playing straight into Shield's strongest part of his game - which is grappling and clinch work.

But to be fair, I didn't find the fight super exciting but I still enjoyed the technique Shields used and if ED didn't have a strong submission defensive style, the fight would have ended with a guillotine or armbar in the first.
Dude I love grappling, but if that's the only thing you are good at then at lease do something exciting and attempt to finish the fight.

Guys like Joe Lauzon are guys I can appreciate, someone well rounded who has decent hands who can start the fight off standing and still make it a fight, and then once it hits the ground he's no slouch, he jumps on submissions right away and always finds a way to finish.
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