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its so goddamn cringeworthy listening to those 2 buffoons(rogan and goldberg), quoting the number of strikes landed and especially significant strikes, as gospel. I dont need some fat dude sitting ringside, occasionally pushing a button and trying to tell me whats significant or not. Likewise i dont need two commentators telling me the stats, like they are the truth and nothing but.

i´ve been following boxing a bit longer then mma and one of the worst things about boxing, is the compubox invention. It sounds so fancy, Compubox, it actually sounds like a computer is registering every blow, but the truth is, that compubox is two fat guys sitting close to the ring and they press a buttton, everytime they see a hit. Their numbers are as usefull as any fan who watches from his living room, perhaps even worse,as the guy watching from his couch have the luxury of rewatching certain parts of the fight.

I know that american sports is filled with statistics, from hockey to nba, nfl and baseball, but trying to force something similar into mma, just doesnt work. Especially since its based on 2 guys pressing buttons, the margin for error is just to big, for it to ever be trustworthy.

We are often in situations, where we as fans disagree with the judges about the outcome, but the judges are atleast somewhat educated. The guys in charge of compubox arent and ill bet my sorry ass bankaccount, that those in charge of mma stats, arent educated either.

am i the only one who cant stand it.?
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