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This is a ridiculously ignorant post. First of all, the UFC doesn't use "Compubox" it uses FightMetric. Secondly, it's easy to make it sound bad when you constantly refer to the people in charge of it as "two fat guys", when for all you know it could be highly educated normal weighted people.
The live statistics they use aren't 100% accurate because, as you said, it's a group of humans recording the statistics and there is always human error. However, these people are trained specifically for this task because it's their job and I'm certain that they look specifically for whether a strike landed or not as opposed to just sitting back on a couch and watching the fights laidback like a casual fan.

Having said that, FightMetric goes back after the fights and rewatches it in slow motion so that the final statistics that get released on the website are actually close to 100% accurate. Even though the live unofficial stats arent perfect, it still paints a picture of what's going on in the fight which is the whole point. So if a fighter is outlanding someone 100 to 20, then obviously there is domination going on because the margin of error isn't going to be at 80%.
As for "significant strikes", they just refer to every strike excluding those pitter patter BS strikes you see when a guy is laying on top of the other guy and not really putting weight behind the punches. Pretty much every standing strike is considered "significant" though.

I dont know why it bothers you so much anyways, the stats tell an accurate story about the fight and it seems like you just have anger issues towards fat people and commentators.
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