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...Ronda's fame has just blown up over night. She's an MMA champion and former Olympian. She is beautiful, has a fun, electric personality and people can't seem to get enough of her. Seeing Dana at the weigh-ins the other day wearing a Ronda Rousey t-shirt speaks huge volumes.
...Now as far as the fight goes. Striker vs. Grappler. If Ronda comes flying out of the gate, ties Sarah up quickly in a clinch, hip-tosses Kaufman to the ground, Sarah is in deep trouble and could be tapping in a blink. Of course Sarah's best chance to win is to keep it standing, avoid any clinching and getting takendown. Sarah will certainly test Ronda's chin. I just can't see Kaufman able to avoid Rousey's clinch, getting thrown to the ground and stop Ronda's ultra-aggressive, tricky submission game. Rousey has incredible momentum behind her. Should be a great fight...
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