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Originally Posted by WillMckasson View Post
I meant to only quote the last part so whoops lol

That's realllllly good advice. Taking low kicks is never a great idea but checking them improperly is worse than absorbing and countering. Bite down on that mouthguard, put weight on that lead leg and let that heavy overhand fly against a fancy kicker and you'll catch him eventually.
You're on to something IF he can land otherwise his mobility will be shot after a round.

Originally Posted by Killstarz View Post
I would strongly advise agains this. putting weight on your lead leg and just taking a kick is a horrible idea and will have you unable to walk after 2-3 kicks. You are much better learning how to check or avoid kicks properly, and lets face it. If you cant check kicks, you have no business being in a ring anyway.

That being said, good luck
Agree, he needs to plant his lead leg if he wants to catch the leg kick then try the overhand. But with his limited training his shins aren't even conditioned. Most likely fighting with shin guards.

I like his committment though even though I think it may be a bit premature.

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