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funkasaurus: not an option, i like listening to the commentary in general, but not when they quote absolute rubbish.


you yourself claim they arent perfect or close too and thats the problem, they are being used or abused and thrown out there as the truth by rogan and goldberg.

thats just "strikes". The next one is something a complete wack-job couldnt even have invented and thats significant strikes. Whats significant and how is that measured.?

the stats dont tell anything about a fight really, as they are flawed.

Swiss: you worded it more elowuently then i did and i wholeheartedly agree with you assesment. whats the point in quoting those numbers, when they are flawed.

goldberg really relied on those numbers and kept talking about them in edgar vs bendo. His judgement was clearly clouded by it and as a result, so will the general audience viewing at home. Rogan also used the numbers and quoted them for the truth, funnily enough though, he actually gave edgar round 3 a short while after using the same numbers, that basically gave bendo the round.

toxic: exactly.
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