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The Marijuana Thread

* I don't know if this is the right place to post this, or even if this kind of talk is allowed. Sorry if I break any rules. *

I find myself in an odd position. I'm a believer in following societies laws, even those that I don't agree with, but I find that the quality of my life increases with the occasional consumption of THC.

In my opinion the pros for legalizing marijuana outweigh the cons. Crime rates would decrease, we could raise quite a bit of money off of taxes, and we could stop spending so much money trying to prevent the growth and distribution of it. I feel pretty strongly that it is less dangerous than alcohol and less hazardous than tobacco.

I want to know how my fellow MMAFers feel about the drug. Do you use marijuana regularly? Do you prefer it to alcohol? How strict are Cannibus laws in your area/country? Do you want to see marijuana legalized? For medicinal use only or recreational as well?

I want to keep it civil, and I respect your opinions if they are different than mine. I just want to know what people from other areas think of it.

Here are some good points for and against the legalization of marijuana to get the discussion going:

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