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Cheers everyone for the advice, itís good to hear different opinions and see which ideas keep coming back. I will be working on all my techniques as much as possible so will be checking kicks when I can but being offensive every time my opponent attacks is definitely going to be my plan. If I put too much energy into defending Iíll just get beaten and do nothing, I want the guy to be afraid of attacking cos of what heíll get in return, Iím tall so thatís a huge advantage with this as well. Bluffing is something Iím working on as Iím probably going to give away my attacks too much so need to trick my opponent, Iím going to exploit the fact that Iím a beginner and use it to my advantage.
To make it clear, I do have a trainer that I can spar with but sometimes weíll go a full week without training, heís doing it for free cos he loves Muay Thai but he has a family/job etc. Iím in a town called Phetchaburi which is min. 1 hr from a good gym, I can go there Saturdays but not during the week and Iím looking for things to help me get better with limited resources. I know itís going to be a bit messy but Iím in a position now where I can train and make the most of the situation, even if itís not all the time or part of a team. Iíll not have a chance like this for a long time cos Iím constantly travelling and have just settled to teach for a year but will be moving again after the school year.
Itís an opportunity I want to make the most of and if Iím stupid for doing it, well, a few kicks to the head wonít make much difference. I accept losing as a huge possibility but am going into it with conviction and the will to destroy my opponent Ė in blue (underdog) shorts.
Thanks again for all the comments and to Will for the videos; Iíve been practicing some of your techniques.
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