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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
Wasn't everyone saying that Jim Millers wrestling was going to best Diaz?

Weren't people saying the cowboys kicks and more well rounded striking was going to best Nate?

Neither happened.

Unless Bendo wants to play tag and run, which I'm confident he won't, he loses this fight 9/10.

I don't think fans can appreciate just how impressive his dominant victories over Jim Miller and Donald Cerrone were.

Submitting and dominating Miller like that was incredibly impressive and really shown the evolution of Nates elite, world class grappling game.

The cowboy is one of the best strikers in the LW division and Nate absolutely steam rolled him.

Bendo had struggled with Cerrone in the first fight (a fight quite a few people think cowboy won) and had a gruelling fight with Jim Miller, where Nate made light work of him and finished him in the second round.

I admire both fighters, but I'm a Diaz fan through and through. He's taking that belt.
If I recall correctly, Cerrone consistantly blasted Diaz's legs right out from under him with kicks/leg-sweeps, dropping him a bunch of times.
If Cerrone had actually chosen to follow Diaz down, it could have been a different result.

Bendo will likely blast Diaz's legs as well, but unlike Cerrone, will then promptly assume a dominant top position for GnP until/unless stood up.

Bendo is much, much better than Cerrone.

While I luv watching me some Diaz in the octagon, I have to bet against him here.

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