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I don't really see too many similarities between the two to be honest. Like others have said they are both religious, both confident, and both black, but so are a ton of other fighters.

I agree with the above. The main similarity is just that they are new champions who have recently beat a lot of the established guys in their divisions that had a lot of fans. beating peoples favorite fighters isn't a way to win people over, but hey it's gotta be done.

Personally I think Jon Jones kicks all kinds off ass and I can't wait to see what he will do next. Guy is just a machine.

As for the whole mentioning god when you win debate I personally don't like it, but to call me a bigot? I think that goes too far. I have no problem with it, just a strong belief in god is not something I respect. My extremely strong disbelief in god makes me feel that way. When I find qualities in a fighter that I can relate too it makes me like them more. When I find out things about a fighter I can't relate too it makes it harder to relate.

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You know why stop being naive

Saturday's fight could have probably gone to edgar but it isnt exactly a miscarriage of justice that henderson won.Yet the fans are in such outrage like it was the biggest screwjob in the history of mma.Its very disappointing but not at all surprising that all the vultures are now swarming ready to attack now that another new face has emerged from the pack thats not caucasian

go figure
I used to think you genuinely were racist. I used to feel for sorry for you that you had such a narrow minded and hateful few of the world. Now i'm starting to realize you are just a forum troll and racism is your MO.

I wish I could be a mod for a day. There is nothing I would love more than to send you on a vacation.

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