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The Marijuana thread? how the heck did I miss this?

All my friends here know where I stand. Iím a libertarian and Iím a stoner. I smoked my first joint 38 years ago and I smoked my last one.....well Iím still smoking it now.

For 30 years I smoked every day at work. When you run construction labor crews it is an absolute necessity as a motivational tool. I still managed to climb 2 company ladders and start my own.

I have no research or science to contribute just my own experiences.

When I donít smoke cigarettes I have greatly improved cardio. I donít think the MJ adversely affects that for me.

I have never seen a workplace accident caused by MJ ( although I have blamed a couple of huge f*** ups on it.)

Iíve never known anyone to rob, steal or prostitute themselves so they could buy MJ.

Iíve never known anyone to burn a couple then go home and beat the ďolí ladyĒ.

When faced with hard physical work it is a great motivator at work yet somehow has the opposite effect at home. (Iíve been employee of the month with an overgrown trashed yard at home.)

MJ can curb your ambition, but isnít ambition a sin?

To me, the bottom line is that mj is a gift.

Whether you believe in God, Ja, karma or just the randomness of the universe, itís a gift and should be enjoyed.

as for the other more harmful drugs. Again, Iím a libertarian. I say legalization would serve to thin the herd and improve the gene pool.

Originally Posted by Killstarz View Post
Totally agree.

Cannabis is less harmful than both alcohol and cigarettes. I couldn't say the same about any other illegal drugs.

Kilz buddy, I've been trying to rep you for the cool new colors but I just can't seem to spread enough.


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