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Randy Couture would come out of retirement to fight Steven Seagal


If you've ever watched old kung fu flicks, you're likely to have seen a couple of geriatric masters with white hair and poor eyesight putting on a martial arts clinic to defend their respective schools or traditions.

Could life imitate art?

Probably not, but it's still fun to speculate what would happen if Steven Seagal finally shed his shroud of secrecy and stepped inside a cage (or ring) to put his money where his mouth is.

And Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Hall-of-Famer Randy Couture would be waiting to greet him, according to comments from the Expendables 2 movie star on G4TV’s Attack of the Show (via MMA Weekly).

"No, I think everything I set out to do, I managed to pull off, and it has been an amazing journey for 15 years. Not unless (Steven) Seagal wants to sign up."

"The Natural" was forced to retire after one of Seagal's students, Lyoto Machida, sent his incisors into the upper deck of the Rogers Centre last year in Toronto. And what better way to exact revenge on "The Dragon" than by defeating his master?

The storyline practically writes itself.

Ok, so is this article completely 100% serious and likely to actually occur? No. But MMA news has been slow today so.... I'm sure it'll be a fun discussion about what would happen if it did anyways

I'd love to see this, it'd be absolutely amazing.
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