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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
You don't intentionally land shots to the back of the head unless you're cheating. That's where the shot hit Cain, to the back of the head. So which is it? Junior intentionally placed that shot behind the back of Cains head, or he accidentally hit him there? Given Juniors track record of being a clean fighter, it looks like he didn't mean to hit him in that spot at all.

Had that shot not hit him in that spot, I'm not sure Cain would have gone down at all.

Come on dude. I'm as big a Cain fan as he next but that rambling sounded ridiculous and reeks of fanboy ism. If you hit someone in the back of the ear it's legal and if you watch any of juniors fight you know he lands his shots where he aims most of the time. Back of the head shots is a dumb rule excluding shots right near the spine/barinstem.

Junior hits anyone clean they're going down. I think we all need to accept that although Cain is the next level/generation of hw's, junior might be a level higher.

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