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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
You don't intentionally land shots to the back of the head unless you're cheating. That's where the shot hit Cain, to the back of the head. So which is it? Junior intentionally placed that shot behind the back of Cains head, or he accidentally hit him there? Given Juniors track record of being a clean fighter, it looks like he didn't mean to hit him in that spot at all.

Had that shot not hit him in that spot, I'm not sure Cain would have gone down at all.
Ear, temple, nose, jaw, eye, whatever, he would have gone down.

I said JDS knew it would land, not that he intended to hit Cain illegally. Meaning he knew Cain's head would be a sitting duck, so he punched it.

Originally Posted by Ari View Post
Bull. dos Santos is a good guy and all but there are plenty of other athletes in the UFC that are better representatives for MMA than he is.

There's no way JDS was "reading Cain like a book". He threw a punch and it landed on the right spot. Not discrediting dos Santos' win as it's hard to discredit a knockout, but he got a good punch in and Cain went down. Hopefully Cain will avoid dos Santos' power strikes this time around and get a TKO on the floor.
Well you're obviously not qualified enough to comment. JDS analysed Velasquez perfectly from the get go, tested the jab which set up the right hand, then executed the combination perfectly and ended the fight.

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