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My Masters thesis is a wreck and I am freaking the **** out as it is due a week today.

Firstly at the start of the year as I was preparing to batch my concrete I find out the dude who was using the same chemicals I am using used the entire ******* bottle, the gigantic bottle in it's entirety (I used 30g for the same project, no one can figure out what he done with it). We have to order more which delays my project 2 months, I then have to let my concrete samples cure for a month = 3 months delay.

After letting my specimens carbonate for 3 weeks I start cutting them. Cue the saw breaking. No one knows what's wrong with it then it starts working again randomly. Delay 12 days.

Go to start my Mercury Permeation test two weeks ago, find out the Mercury was ordered 3 months ago and hasn't arrived. I start to panic. Mercury arrives on Wednesday, floods the machine. machine is broke waiting to be fixed. Delay unknown as of yet.

Today the head fell off my mallet. This is a minor occurrence but I freaked the **** out and had to go chill for a bit. I hate my life right now.

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