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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
I didn't ever say the fight was meaningless, stop putting words in my mouth. I said not too much can be learned from unexpected, early flash KO's, not that the fight was completely meaningless.

I never said Junior wasn't 100 percent. Now we get to see both fighters enter the octagon fit and healthy. If Junior read Cain so quickly and easily as you point out, then surely he will have no problem doing it again just as easily.
Plenty can be learned from it, JDS needed only one minute to shut down Cain's offense(both striking and grappling) then impose his own enough to end the fight.

JDS is too far ahead with his hands and movement, Velasquez will have a very hard time tricking him enough to get a takedown.

Another point is the mental game, JDS is going to be confident as ever for this fight, Cain is going to be scratching his head thinking 'I already fought this guy but I'm no wiser as to how I can beat him'.

Anyone can win but there's little argument for favoring Velasquez in this fight.

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