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Originally Posted by SM33 View Post
Plenty can be learned from it, JDS needed only one minute to shut down Cain's offense(both striking and grappling) then impose his own enough to end the fight.

JDS is too far ahead with his hands and movement, Velasquez will have a very hard time tricking him enough to get a takedown.

Another point is the mental game, JDS is going to be confident as ever for this fight, Cain is going to be scratching his head thinking 'I already fought this guy but I'm no wiser as to how I can beat him'.

Anyone can win but there's little argument for favoring Velasquez in this fight.
That's all just speculation on your behalf. You have simply no idea what is going through Cain Velasquez' head right now. You have no idea what he's thinking, so don't act like you do.

There's plenty of argument for Cain winning the rematch:

A) The KO loss makes Cain come back stronger than ever (or weaker, one of the two things happens to all fighters. They either come back stronger and more determined than ever, or they never return to their former selves). Judging by Cains last performance in The Big Foot fight, he looks focused, determined and hungry.

B) Cain analyses what went wrong in the first fight and comes in with a fresh game plan. Instead of just standing in front of Junior throwing leg kicks, Cain will most likely look to get right in Juniors face from the get go and look to employ a heavy grappling based game plan. (Like he does in pretty much all of his fights).

C) Staistics - Cain has the second highest strikes landed percentage in the UFC. He also has a 67 percent take down percentage. Other than the JDS fight, he has also never lost a single round in MMA competition. All of these raw statistics make an argument for Cain being a threat to any fighter in any division in the UFC

D) Injuries and lay off. Cain was recovering from a very bad shoulder injury and was out for a long time prior to the fight. He also sloppily packed on a few more pounds for the JDS fight. JDS was also injured, but I believe Cain had the more serious injury and Junior didn't hae to deal with the heavy lay off.

I don't think Cain will have to "trick" Junior into a take down. I think he'll rush Junior from the get go, grab onto a single, and drive him down to the mat and then have his way with Junior from there. I think Cain is one of the best MMA wrestlers in this sport right now and has fantastic transitions and GNP once it hits the floor. I think he's going to showcase that in all it's glory in this rematch.

There's your argument.

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