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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
I know it's a little off topic today, but I was thinking; how bullshit was the Couture/Toney fight? Has anyone ever had their first MMA fight in the UFC, against a hall of famer, who's style is designed to beat yours? I know Toney is a horrible boxer now, and he can barley even stand up, but they shouldn't have pulled such a dick move to try and 1-up boxing. Putting a complete new comer to MMA, with zero ground experience, in there with Randy Couture is a complete joke and really petty of those in charge. A former boxing world champion wanted to sign up and fight in the UFC. Can you imagine if Toney actually did good? I don't think it'd ruin MMA's image, I just think it would be a highly marketable name to have on THEIR roster.
Seriously? Toney had been bashing MMA for ages, and was in his late 40's. So they gave him the one guy who was even older than he was. It's not rocket science, dude.
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