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Originally Posted by RustyRenegade View Post
I'd love to see Hendo pull out the win but don't see many ways he can do it. He'll be unable to close the distance and if he does happen to get the clinch he'll be Toney tossed to the side.

If he wants to go for a double or single it'll have to be from a ways away and he will be shrugged off or pushed back. Jones won't even have to sprawl to avoid it.

The entire time standing he'll have Jones' fingers in his face a good foot away from being able to land a punch. I just don't see any outcome other than a vicious and dominating Jon Jones victory.
...Outstanding post. Very good analogy. Hendo's best chance to out greco JBJ, closing the distance, tying him up and put him on his back. We haven't seen Bones fight off his back because his hips and TDD are stellar. If Hendo can put JBJ on his back and dominate position, Dan could pull out a close decision by putting rounds in the bank. If Hendo wants to bang, I wish him well cause Bones has sick elbows, kicks & punches that fly across the octagon. Hendo will have difficult time trying to time and land that H-bomb on Bones. Again I say the reach factor but Hendo has a bowling-ball head and a bedrock chin. It's about as hard to KO Hendo as it is to submit him...

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