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Originally Posted by SM33 View Post
Ear, temple, nose, jaw, eye, whatever, he would have gone down.

I said JDS knew it would land, not that he intended to hit Cain illegally. Meaning he knew Cain's head would be a sitting duck, so he punched it.

Well you're obviously not qualified enough to comment. JDS analysed Velasquez perfectly from the get go, tested the jab which set up the right hand, then executed the combination perfectly and ended the fight.
I am absolutely qualified to comment. You just can't get off poor Junior's nuts long enough to post anything that isn't biased or thought out. I never said Junior got lucky. I never discredited his win. He beat Cain pretty quickly and I think it's sketchy Cain is getting a rematch so quick. But to say Junior analyzed Cain from the get go is just ridiculous and every post you have made in this thread just reaks of bias and ignorance which makes YOU unqualified to comment. Cain came in, Junior threw a punch and it landed behind the ear. It was a solid hit, obviously, but you need to watch that fight again if you think Junior picked him apart from the get go, a notion that is utterly laughable.
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