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Originally Posted by khoveraki View Post
Have you watched the fight very recently? Because I have. Infact I have the fight memorized and I am prepared to step into this debate.

Have you watched the fight very recently?
Khov, you know I love you but I know better than to get into a debate with you when it comes to JDS or any other Brazilian fighter.

The fight was pretty evenly contested up until the knockout. JDS did a good job of stuffing Cain's takedown and took his leg kicks well despite having a damaged knee coming into the fight but he did not "read Cain like a book" by any means. He simply landed a clean punch on Cain's temple that knocked him down and followed up with the TKO. Like I said, it was a solid win, and even as someone who is a big Cain fan and who roots against dos Santos frequently, I think it's ridiculous that people try and pass dos Santos' win as a fluke. Do I think that Cain will win the rematch? Absolutely. I still think he's better than dos Santos, but this is MMA and anything can happen, and dos Santos is one of the best fighters in the world with some of MMA's best boxing and underrated takedown defense. But what I'm tired of is reading completely ridiculous and biased posts that distort facts and reality simply to laud their favorite fighter. That's like me saying Anderson Silva got lucky against Rich Franklin when he battered him in the clinch on two different occasions. Rich Franklin is absolutely my favorite fighter but I know he's not the best Middleweight in the world anymore and I know that he's certainly not better than Anderson, or even really close to his level.

I get it, you guys like dos Santos and that's completely fine, but let go of his sack for a moment and think logically here.
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