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Originally Posted by SM33 View Post
Do not be surprised to see Jones strike with Hendo for a couple rounds before even considering a takedown, he's trying to prove a point on the feet more with every fight.

To be successful he'll have to pretty much repeat his strategy for Rampage, as soon as you enter Hendo's range that right hand will fire. Nowadays, Hendo's hands are proving more dangerous than Jackson's and Jones needs to fear them like he did Jackson's.

So logic says Hendo will just get kicked until he's tired enough to own on the ground, but young Jon has been straying from what got him where he is and been knocked back a couple times in his past two fights.
Wait huh?? You think Hendo is going to get kicked until he is tired enough to own on the ground???

What? Can you explain what you mean? Cause im thoroughly confused with that sentence. Why would Hendo getting tired help him own on the ground??

That said i agree that it wouldnt be surprising to see Jones strike for a while. He has a tendency to not get intimidated and do the whole "constant shooting" thing. We all thought he wasnt going to be flashy against Shogun and focus on the takedown but he did the opposite. He was flashier then ever and only went for the takedown when it made sense. He also stood with Rashad and was able to use those sneaky elbows while holding hands with Rashad. Against Rampage he used his knee kick to keep Rampage out of pocket distance and then used his reach to pepper him. He stood with Lyoto until it got dangerous and then when he realized Machidas take-down defense isnt anything special and he can take him down whenever he wants he then felt comfortable to stand again.

I do see him standing with Hendo unless he gets a great chance to take Hendo down OR Hendo gets the best of the exchanges. Jones is going to use his reach advantage and pepper Henderson. If Henderson finds a way to counter that THEN Jones will start forcing the takedowns.

I would not be surprised AT ALL if we see Jones slip up and take a H-Bomb to the jaw and see we his tall ass hit the floor face first. It would be a sight that rivals that of Bisping getting knocked out. And that moment made me <-------------- tears of joy.

Originally Posted by cdtcpl View Post
Two things:

1) He did let us down against Jake Shields. I still believe without a back injury he roflstomps Shields into his grave.
Honestly he didnt let me down in that fight. Henderson looked like he had no business being out of bed much less fighting. The guy couldn't stand straight and nearly looked like he had a dinosaur spine. AND even though it was incredibly obvious that he had a serious Back injury the guy didnt come out later with "Not to take anything away from Jake Shields but i had a broken neck and back and ass going in to the fight. My doctor warned my not to fight but i didnt want to let my fans down, so i took the fight anyway."

And he managed to put it on Jake Shields in the first round and came an inch away from victory anyway.
There is no doubt in my mind as to what would happen if them 2 fight again. Hendo would finish what he started in the first time he hit him with the H-Bomb. There wouldnt be need for a second...

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