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Originally Posted by SM33 View Post
The right hand was set up by a jab, a jab which JDS used throughout the fight and Cain responded the same each time. JDS only had to throw it out there twice to read Cain and be sure that he'd do the same again, then capitalised on it perfectly.

That is called 'outclassed', not 'flash KO because it hit him behind the ear'. JDS knew the punch would land and he threw it with the intention of finishing the fight, Cain simply did not know that he was being read like a book.
Unless you spoke to JDS himself You cant know that. You can believe that as a theory but it certainly isnt anything more then exactly that... "a theory"

JDS tends to use the same combinations pretty often. If you watch the Nelson fight you will see that he doesnt throw with alot of variety. Its just the way he fights. Its been working for him so he doesnt need to switch anything up.

In my opinion you are over reading it. See how i said "In my opinion". Because im not just going to make a claim and pass it off as fact when its impossible to know unless the fighter himself states so.

The right hand was set up by a jab, a jab which JDS used throughout the fight
You do realize that people throw the jab out there constantly right??? it is something used constantly throughout fights. JDS threw a jab out there because thats what you do with Jabs. He didnt do anything that is "abnormal" and would be considered reading Cain like a book and out classing him. Otherwise whenever a person gets a KO you could say he was reading his opponent like a book. Every single fight has jabs being thrown out and until GSP jabs were mostly always used to see the opponents response or to set up combinations. GSP is the only fight i can recall where the JAB was used as a primary source of damage.

I saw JDS time a good punch and hurt Cain with it. No different then most fights that end standing. I certainly dont think JDS outclassed Cain. If JDS-Cain fought each other 10x i can see either fighter getting the 6-4 nod. I consider what JDS did to MIR to be outclassing or what Cain did to Bigfoot or Rothwell.

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