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It's unbelieveable how much bias can cloud one's judgment or perception of an event. You're just making up excuses to make dos Santos look like he had an easy time with Cain. I've already given credit to dos Santos for the win. He did well in catching Cain coming in and got the victory as a result, but if the fight had gone on longer I think the result would definitely be different whether or not dos Santos won or lost. Either way, you'd still be making excuses like you did after Dan Henderson beat Shogun. I'm not blind, I watched the fight. Sideways was dead on with what he said. dos Santos pumped his jab to gage distance and to keep Cain at bay, which he was partially successful in doing so. Those leg kicks were hurting and dos Santos wasnted to keep him at a dantance. After Cain failed on his takedown attempt, Junior got a good sense of distance and landed a clean, solid hit on Cain coming in. Was it a good win? Absolutely, but don't act like Cain was read like a book.
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